Twitter Share Counts Are Gone

TwitterMarketers who scoff at engagement metrics may be a little mad at themselves today. They’ve probably noticed that the share count is gone from Twitter, so they may not know if their posts “went viral” or not until they reach the “trending” list. On Nov. 20, the social media network changed the look of posts and dropped share counts, according to its announcement, because of engineering reasons.

On Monday, Chris Lake writes on Search Engine Watch that the reason may actually be monetary — to make marketers pay for that information.

“There is a solution,” Lake says. “Twitter goes on to say that: ‘Full-archive search counts are available from Gnip.’ That’s shorthand for ‘pay up, you swine.’ (Gnip is Twitter’s data business. It bought the company last year.) How much does it cost? It won’t say. You need to contact Gnip to find out.”

To get the same information from Twitter that Lake just revealed simply, marketers will have to understand coding. Or marketers can read this pithy update from Twitter from Nov. 20.

“We have now shipped the updated Tweet Button and removed the Tweet count endpoint,” reads the update under Twitter’s headline “Hard Decisions for a Sustainable Platform,” written by Michael Ducker (@miradu), group product manager. “We appreciate your feedback over the past 60 days on how you have used these counts, and look forward to incorporating it as we create and improve tools to integrate Twitter content into your apps and websites.”

Lake says there may be workarounds.

“Buzzsumo has a Chrome extension that may help plug a gap, for now at least,” Lake says. “There are also creative ways of using IFTTT with Twitter Search and Google Spreadsheets to retrieve search results to figure out approximate share counts.”

Meanwhile, take a look at this naked tweet:

What do marketers think of what Twitter’s doing?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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