Use Social Email to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Brands use social media in two major ways: one, to create a social presence on networking sites to communicate with consumers and, two, to monitor what’s being said about their brand online. Both activities are important, but neither provides an easily repeatable and scalable way to turn one’s social media marketing learnings into targeted follow-up campaigns that drive a desired action.

Social networking sites offer marketers new and rich sources of customer preference and activity data. The key is to use that data effectively.

By this step you should know which email subscribers are most socially engaged with your brand as well as the social sites new subscribers use to directly engage with your company. You can now conduct true social email campaigns where your marketing is targeted based on social engagement and is optimized to the preferences and activities of your most socially valuable email subscribers.

Socially engaged email subscribers are frequently among a brand’s most valuable customers. Use the information you have about their engagement to increase loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Susan Tull is vice president of marketing with BlueHornet, a business unit of Digital River, which specializes in helping marketers create highly targeted email programs that evolve through the customer lifecycle. For more information, follow @BlueHornetEmail on Twitter.