USGA’s Direct Mail Puts a Face (or Two) on Its Membership

A golf membership organization’s direct mail membership campaign literally focuses on members.

Mailer Name: USGA
Date Mailed: September 2016

USGA direct mailThe United States Golf Association (USGA) is the nation’s governing body for the sport. Its membership includes courses, clubs, and facilities, as well as individuals. Among its many activities are administering the rules of golf, testing equipment, sponsoring charitable programs, and conducting championship tournaments.

Usually, the USGA’s membership package consists of a #10 or smaller envelope, a voucher reply form, a notepad premium, and a reply envelope. This effort is different.

Instead of a mostly plain gray, powder blue, or white outer envelope, this campaign begins with a 6”x9-1/2” tri-fold self-mailer. The front is a die-cut curved external  flap that looks like a golf green. “Many Members. One Community” the headline reads.

When opened, the extent of the faces on the inside panel is revealed.  Thirty-one faces, most of them smiling and wearing golf hats, appear there.

Another dozen are on the reverse side of the flap. Together, the members create the impression of a diverse group of individuals. Despite age, gender, racial, or ethnic differences, golf is the unifying element. The only copy there practically shouts: “USGA Members are just like YOU!”

USGA direct mailWhen fully opened, the direct mail piece offers membership by confirming that golf is what all of these people have in common. “Join our community of passionate golfers dedicated to supporting the game we all love,” one panel says. “[T]he USGA is always there,” it continues, protecting golf.

A folded statement of benefits form, just like those from USGA’s other packages, is tucked inside a pocket. It lists the tangible perks of membership, such as discounts , volunteer opportunities, and publications, as well as swag, like a hat and ball marker.

The Takeaway
Benefits are fine, but membership organizations are ultimately about finding out what unites people with common interests.

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