War on Ad Blockers

Talk about flipping the script. In an interesting move, last week some ad-blocking users — myself included — noticed that The Washington Post was taking a bold stance against site visitors who employ the software, shutting them out completely from reading its articles.

While analysts have come down on both sides of the debate, Ad Age’s headline gets to the heart of the matter: Yes, There is a War on Advertising. Now What? If you’re still wondering whether ad blocking is going to catch up to you, you’re too late — it already has.

The question is less what can you do about ad-blocking users and more about what percentage of your visitors are blocking ads, why are they doing it and what can be done to stop them. Providing a great customer experience should be first and foremost in marketers’ minds anyway. Will the amount you save from penalizing ad-blocking users be worth the number of eyes you lose in terms of content marketing or sponsored content? Or even just total audience?

Jeremy Zimmerman is Associate Content Editor for Target Marketing magazine and Direct Marketing IQ.

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