What Will Your Internet of Things Be?

Internet of things conceptThink about the things you produce on a day-to-day basis for your customers, your brand or yourself. Whether it’s a printed piece, an object or the product itself, you now have an exceedingly more robust way to deliver a media-rich experience.

It could be a product label that delivers a coupon when it’s time to replace it, a product sheet that breaks down the exact part you need to order, or a loyalty card that allows you to easily check your points and redeem offers. All of these things allow you to add value to your marketing materials well beyond their intended use.

Whether it’s a print piece, an object or the product itself — or whether you’re a B-to-B or B-to-C marketer — IoT and mobile technologies can help you add value to the customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle:

• Awareness: Print ads, in-store signage, tradeshow materials, promotional products, business cards, FSIs, coupons

• Consideration: Direct mail offers, catalogs, brochures, product data sheets, sales collateral, case studies, whitepapers

• Conversion: Products, packaging, labels, inserts, instructions, product manuals, service guides, training manuals

• Loyalty/Advocacy: Statements, invitations, loyalty cards, holiday cards, service offers, customer communications

M.J. Anderson is CMO at multichannel marketing firm, Trekk, Inc.
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