Who’s Mailing What! Categories With Most PDFs Viewed

The following Top 10 lists are based on direct mail and email offer PDFs viewed by Who’s Mailing What! members from May 2014 to April 2015:

Direct Mail

  1. Fundraising-Health/Handicapped
  2. Loans/Lending Services
  3. Insurance-Auto
  4. Retail Traffic Builders
  5. Newsletters-General
  6. Magazines-Special Interest
  7. Fundraising-Social Action (Causes)
  8. Fundraising-Children
  9. Fundraising-Animals/Wildlife
  10. Health-Vitamins/Supplements


  1. Catalogs-Consumer
  2. Cosmetics/Grooming
  3. Retail Traffic Builders
  4. Magazines-Special Interest
  5. Catalogs-Food & Kitchenware
  6. Fundraising-Health/Handicapped
  7. Magazines-Business/Financial
  8. Newsletters-General
  9. Health-Vitamins/Supplements
  10. Fundraising-Social Action (Causes)

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Cheryl Cagle is the database/affiliates director for Direct Marketing IQ, the home of direct marketing research, and Who's Mailing What!