Why Monitoring Capabilities Are Mission Critical for SMBs

With consumers embrace of e-commerce, smaller independent businesses are rapidly emerging and succeeding due to their ability to make real-time decisions. For online brands that must continuously compete against larger giants (i.e., Amazon.com), heavy user traffic is never a bad thing as more traffic typically means more sales. But what happens when there’s a sudden spike in website traffic? At any given time, a well-publicized customer review can direct consumers to a website in droves, flooding systems and increasing the time it takes for pages to render content or process payments.

Studies have shown that businesses that improve their website load times by a single second can increase sales by 10 percent. Retailers that implement load tests can determine how their system responds to traffic spikes. Load testing helps SMBs keep pace with crowds through optimization and ensures they don’t lose customers to bigger retailers due to preventable website flaws.

Additionally, factors on the user’s side can also affect the shopping experience — e.g., the device or operating system they use to access your website. While you can’t control these factors, having visibility through the use of real user monitoring is helpful. Real user monitoring provides a much better understanding of the user experience and allows decision makers to break down data into local categories.

From this data, they gather insights like numbers of unique page views per region or the part of the world mobile sessions tend to get disrupted the most. Through analysis of the frontend, backend and network down to the level of page rendering or DOM system, administrators and managers get the chance to specify weaknesses and strengths of a site in detail, offering a better basis to assess changes and adaptions they may have to implement.

Businesses should consider a system they can manage at any time, day or night, to ensure their websites and applications are ready for any number of visitors. A comprehensive monitoring approach can ultimately improve customer service and boost brand loyalty.

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