Zadspace Reveals New Targeted Direct Marketing Medium

Direct marketers are constantly competing for space in the mailbox and consumer attention when they send offers via direct mail; however, now they have another option that could bring them greater success when sending targeted messages.

At DMA09, Los Angeles-based Zadspace unveiled its new direct marketing medium called “Zads.” The company completed a year of private beta testing, in which it found its Zads campaigns generated a 50 percent higher response rate than direct mail. Zads are full color, 4” x 6” advertisements that are affixed to the outside of shipping boxes next to the shipping label. Consumers receiving the Zad can then easily peel it off the box for keeping or redemption (if it’s a coupon).

Zadspace works directly with the marketer to determine its target audience, and the Zads for each campaign are printed on demand and placed on shipments going to the target audience only.

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