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Publishers Want Independent Governance of The Trade Desk’s New Unified ID

Ad Tech & Mar Tech

They're willing to embrace the post-cookie solution, but also want a say in how it's run.

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Google Sees Big Potential in Audio for Marketers and Publishers

Ad Tech & Mar Tech

The ad giant is pushing the use of audio in ad tech for marketers and publishers.

Brands Grow More Sophisticated With In-Housing Strategies

Ad Tech & Mar Tech

Roughly 70% of brands are in-housing programmatic, but a growing number of them are reverting course.

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Here’s How Programmatic Advertisers Can Build and Maintain Consumer Trust


At Adweek’s NexTech 2020 Virtual Summit, industry experts discussed the importance of ethics in tech.

Professor Scott Galloway speaking with Big Tech CEOs in background and Adweek NexTech logo

Understanding the Massive Scale of Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook


Professor Scott Galloway says governments will never be able to catch up with Big Tech engineers, and they need to be broken up.

Where Does America Stand on a National Digital Privacy Law?


America is facing a patchwork of digital privacy laws, but momentum is building for federal guidelines.

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What Brands Should Know in the (Unlikely) Event of a TikTok Ban


It’s crucial to be aware of how a TikTok ban would impact their customers and selling strategy, and to develop a plan of action that makes sense.

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Alphabet Reports First-Ever Revenue Decline in Company History

Publishers & Platforms

The company reported a 1.5% drop from the same time last year, but beat analyst expectations.

Image of Terence Kawaja with Big Tech CEOs in red background

The ‘Programmatic Endgame’ Is Coming, Says Luma Partners’ Terence Kawaja


Ad tech’s top investment banker predicts 5 market segments driving future M&A deals.

Discovery Inc. on a TV

Discovery Joins On Addressability, Widening Its Advanced TV Offerings

Convergent TV

Discovery Inc. is the second network to join On Addressability as more traditional TV groups embrace digital-like ways of advertising.

Scott Galloway at NexTech

5 Memorable Takeaways From Professor Scott Galloway’s NexTech Tour de Force


How advertising ‘sucks’ and why Big Tech must be broken up.

GroupM Unveils Global Effort to Boost Crisis-Stricken Local News

Publishers & Platforms

GroupM, the ad industry's biggest media buyer, is doubling down on local news amid the Covid-19 pandemic that has crippled local advertising.