Facebook Is Making Some Changes to Its Branded Content Tag

Brand Collabs Manager is being rolled out in more countries

Facebook's revised branded content label Facebook

Facebook announced three key updates Thursday related to branded content on its platform.

The social network is updating the language on its branded content tag from “Paid” to “Paid Partnership.”

The tags will continue to include “with (brand name),” and a new About This Partnership icon will lead people to more information about the two tagged pages and their partnership.

The new tag is pictured above and, for reference, the old tag is pictured below.

Facebook's old branded content tag

Director of product, News Feed and media monetization Maria Smith said in a blog post that posts with Facebook’s branded content tag show an average ad recall lift of 13 percentage points.

Facebook also said it is testing the ability for pages to tag other pages for collaborations or other non-financially motivated relationships, with the hopes of rolling out this feature next year. Pages can currently only tag other pages via the social network’s branded content tool.

Another test Facebook is currently conducting involves the ability to indicate partnerships via messages within the content, rather than by adding labels to posts. And the social network will explore ways to better disclose affiliate marketing relationships.

Smith wrote, “Sponsorships are unique because the sponsor wants to be adjacent to and associated with premium content, such as footage from a sporting event or high-quality series.”

Finally, Brand Collabs Manager, which Facebook began testing in the U.S. in June as a way to enable brands to search creators and determine if any are a fit for partnerships, will be extended in the coming weeks to more countries, including India, Germany, Mexico, Thailand and the U.K.

Facebook also added a new feature to Brand Collabs Manager that enables brands to post marketing project briefs and creators to respond to those briefs, along with keyword search and location filters.

Brand Collabs Manager

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.