Ubimo’s Latest Partnership Proves Gyms Are the Latest Programmatic Hotspot

Capitol One, Hulu and Lexus are among the first advertisers to benefit

Ubimo logo on top of a gym image
The deal offers a window into the more than 3,000 gyms using Zoom Media's services. Ubimo, Unsplash

Members at some of the biggest gym chains across the country—including LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness—will start seeing targeted ads as of today in a partnership between the location-intelligence pros at Ubimo and the fitness-centric network Zoom Media.

As of today, advertisers on Zoom Media’s network—which boasts a decade-long footprint in gyms nationwide and has its devices in more than 3,000 locations—can plug into Polaris, Ubimo’s in-house demand side platform (DSP) and location intelligence platform to simplify the way they target audiences during their workouts.

This is the first time gym audiences have been targeted trough a combination of granular audience data and real-time location, according to Gilad Amitai, Ubimo’s COO. “This marks a shift from focusing on properties to focusing on audiences,” Amitai said. “In other words, Zoom Media is able to understand what audience each particular brand is attracting and, based on that, match the right audience with the right content.”

Alternatively, he added, advertisers on Zoom’s roster—which include big names like Lexus, Hulu and Capitol One—can choose a designated market area (DMA) they want to reach, similar to the way linear television has been targeted in the past.

“Ubimo’s location intelligence has given us an unparalleled view of the different audiences and allowed us to make better, more targeted business recommendations for our clients. Focusing on audiences instead of properties has helped us improve efficiency all the way from the prospect to proposal stage of the process,” said Thomas Link, executive vice president of Zoom Media.

This is the latest way advertisers are trying to tap into a health-conscious audience that might shirk a leisurely afternoon binging ad-filled television programs. Earlier this year, gym equipment company Life Fitness brought its own native advertising platform to gyms nationwide, citing the ability to reach “highly engaged” and “captive” audiences.

Link cited the average gym-goer’s high household income—typically more than $105,000 annually—as the reason for this audience’s allure. “They’re well-educated, they’re influencers, and they have interests far beyond health and fitness,” he said.

@swodinsky shoshana.wodinsky@adweek.com Shoshana Wodinsky is Adweek's platforms reporter, where she covers the financial and societal impacts of major social networks. She was previously a tech reporter for The Verge and NBC News.