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Pinterest opened up its Shop the Look visual search tool to creators and small and midsized businesses last week, enabling them to create shoppable Pins via a self-serve tagging tool.

The tool can be used to tag any product in a Shop the Look Pin and direct people to sites where they can purchase the product, as pictured above.

Shop the Look Pins had only been available to larger companies through third-party Pinterest Marketing Partners, and Pinterest said users have clicked on those Pins twice as often as traditional Pins.

“This expanded functionality levels the playing field for all consumer brands, not just the biggest advertisers,” said Eric Lam, co-founder and CEO of influencer marketing platform AspireIQ. “Businesses of all sizes can use Shop the Look Pins to drive traffic directly to products through authentic content, which is especially powerful since Pinterest is already a highly sought-after medium for customer education.”

Pinterest introduced Shop the Look in Feb. 2017, along with fellow visual search tools Lens and Instant Ideas. The company said at launch that Shop the Look allowed users to browse and buy items they saw in fashion and home Pins. Tapping the blue circle on products brings up recommendations for similar items available for purchase via Pinterest or brands’ sites, as well as shoppable Pins with ideas for using those products.

“Shop the Look is a great addition that really helps move the needle from discovery to purchase,” said Joonatan Lintala, head of Pinterest at digital advertising firm Smartly.io. “It allows influencers to guide their audience to relevant products with minimal effort, shortening the time to conversion.”

This past March, Shop the Look was extended to France, Germany, Japan and the U.K.

Liz Gottbrecht, vp of marketing at influencer marketing platform Mavrck, welcomed the move. “The duality of Pinterest alone as a visual search and social network makes influencer-generated content more actionable for reaching new audiences and achieving scale, especially when partnering with micro-influencers,” Gottbrecht said. “The average total viewership of a Pin is 47 times an influencers’ follower count. With this new level of attribution and transparency, there’s no question that influencer content will deliver brand value.”

David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.