Yext and Adobe Collaborate to Unify Brand Experiences Across the Web

The move will ensure verified information for consumers

Brands will be able to see how customers interact with them across search engines, mobile apps and voice assistants. - Credit by Getty Images

Yext and Adobe are collaborating to give brands a tighter grip on their digital reputation.

The partnership, which Yext announced Wednesday morning, will enable brands on Adobe’s platform to boost their data outside of their Adobe-hosted sites and across all of the properties under Yext’s purview, including dozens of search engines, mobile apps and voice assistants.

While brands often have a handle on the content on their own website, things can get sticky when customers try to find information on the brand through third parties, which might push unverified intel. For example, a Google search for “organic soup” from a particular manufacturer could turn up search results from a personal blog that mistakenly identifies certain products as organic when they’re anything but.

Yext’s partnership ensures that potential clients will be steered to verified information.

“There are so many sources of information out there,” said Erin Jaeger, Yext’s director of product marketing. “And certainly it’s a challenge to verify what’s actually trustworthy.”

“The truth is, when consumers are searching for something, we don’t usually stop to take the time to asses whether this is really verified information,” she added.

Yext is a platform that “helps brands connect to all of the places that consumers are asking questions online,” which includes more than 100 properties across IoT and the web. These encompass third-party search engines like Google and Yelp, voice assistants like Siri and smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa, among other things.

The partnership will also enhance the analytics experience for brands on Adobe’s platform. Previously, Adobe’s customers could track the way potential clients interacted with their website and mobile app—but anything off those narrow paths were a blind spot. Thanks to the partnership, every property in Yext’s purview will be integrated into the Adobe platform. Now, brands can see how customers interact with them across the web, voice assistants and smart devices.

This partnership isn’t about “sitting between a brand and Adobe,” Jaeger said. “We’re just enhancing the investment that they already made.”

Adobe did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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