Wendy’s and Pringles Join Flavor Forces for Limited-Edition Baconator Chips

One crunchy bite promises to pack all the delicious taste of the fan-favorite burger

The latest limited edition line from Pringles attempts to nail that 'fresh, never frozen' Wendy's Baconator flavor. Kellog's/Pringles
Headshot of MĂłnica Marie Zorrilla

A hamburger in a can? While the concept may sound like something only the creators of The Jetsons could have concocted, Pringles and Wendy’s have collaborated to make the futuristic snack a present day reality.

Bacon strips and salty crisps lovers, behold the Pringles Baconator, which promises to deliver “a mouth-watering combination of [Wendy’s Baconator] flavors in every bite.” For those unfamiliar with the fan-favorite sandwich at the fast-food franchise, its ingredients consist of half a pound of beef, American cheese, six strips of crispy Applewood smoked bacon, ketchup and mayo.

Pringles Baconator will be available for a limited time in the snack aisle of grocery stores nationwide.

Pringles’ ability to replicate the juicy burger is “insanely accurate” and “delicious and convenient,” according to Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles. If any consumers doubt the accuracy of the taste, Pringles and Wendy’s are willing to put their reputation in the hands of consumers, and are asking them to compare the chips with its meaty muse. Each can of Pringles Baconator comes with a code on the seal that can be used to score a free Wendy’s Baconator, Son of Baconator or Breakfast Baconator with purchase when ordered through the Wendy’s app.

This isn’t the first time that Pringles has disrupted the sacred realm of foodies and fast-food aficionados by transforming its favorite dishes and order numbers into 5.5 ounce canisters. According to Taquitos.net, a blog for serious snackers, Pringles has attempted to harness the taste of Philly cheesesteaks, spicy wontons, rotisserie chicken, grilled shrimp, smoky Texas barbecue and white chocolate peppermint.

Moreover, Pringles has partnered up with brands in the past to come up with zany flavor mash-ups, such as with Nissin Top Ramen, the Daytona 500 and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Its most recent brand collaboration was with cult adult animation series Rick and Morty for a special edition Pickle Rick-inspired line and a 30-second spot during this year’s Super Bowl.

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