Scandal’s Guillermo Diaz Is Obsessed With Horror Movies, and Lena Dunham

His evening routine is a little unorthodox, too


Age 40

Claim to fame Stars as Huck on ABC's Scandal (season finale airs May 7)

Base Los Angeles

Twitter @guillermodiazyo

What's the first information you consume in the morning?

I hit Instagram and Twitter as soon as I wake up. And then I check my texts and emails. It's funny that I check social media before I check my email.

Were you into social media before you started doing it for Scandal?

Not at all. Kerry Washington is the one who's behind all of us being on social media, so I have to give her props.

Who do you follow on Instagram?

I follow Madonna, I follow Norman Reedus [from The Walking Dead] and, of course, I follow [Scandal co-stars] Kerry Washington and Katie Lowes. I also follow a bunch of horror people that post a lot of Halloween stuff and really cool art.

So you're a big horror movie fan?

Absolutely. I have two older brothers and they really loved horror, so they would just pop in VHS tapes of horror movies, like Halloween or Jaws. I remember my parents taking me to see The Exorcist in theaters when I was really young. They're Cuban and didn't really speak English, so I don't think they got that it was a movie about a girl possessed by the devil [laughs]. All those movies scared the crap out of me, but I ended up loving them and being fascinated by them.

All the creepy stuff that your character Huck does on Scandal must be really fun for you.

Definitely! We did an episode this season where Huck kills a roomful of men and dismembers some of them, and in the script, the scene is described as looking like something from the movie Carrie, and I remember being so excited about it. I was like, "Oh my god, he's going to be covered in blood like Carrie!" [Laughs]

What TV shows do you watch?

I love The Walking Dead. I'm obsessed with Girls. I was also obsessed with Looking, but it was just canceled, which I'm really sad about. Now I'm totally hooked on Empire as well.

Were you really excited when Lena Dunham guest starred on Scandal?

So beyond excited. I was a fan of hers even before Girls. I did a movie way back called Party Girl, and in Lena's movie Tiny Furniture, she actually has a poster of Party Girl in one of the scenes. It was such a blast working with her. She's so smart and so funny.

What's the last thing you binge-watched?

I kind of binge-watched the MTV show Teen Wolf [laughs]. It's actually really, really good!

What's on your reading list?

Right now, I'm reading a book called The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks. I actually just bought Lena Dunham's book, Not That Kind of Girl, so that's going to be my next read. I also love Edgar Allan Poe. I read a lot of his work.

How do you wind down?

I love to have a glass of whiskey on the rocks and pop in a movie. Right now, I'm obsessed with watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show, even though I've seen it a million times. A friend also just gave me a DVD filled with all the old-school Looney Tunes cartoons, so I'll just go between watching Bugs Bunny and Rocky Horror. And that's how I wind down at night! [Laughs]