Bringing Digital Targeting Into the Living Room and Everywhere Else People Watch TV

Why advertisers are buying audiences instead of programs

It’s no secret that the way people watch TV has changed. Cord cutting, OTT, streaming, smartphones … they’ve all had an impact. But the bottom line is people are still watching.

That’s great news for advertisers, who understand that TV has unrivaled engagement and a massive audience. What’s changed: The pinpoint data-driven targeting and robust measurement of digital media is now part of the equation. “The Straightforward Guide to Targeting Today’s TV Viewer” provides a rich overview of ways advertisers can use addressable TV and OTT to leverage audience-level data and deliver targeted campaigns, as well as measure their impact across platforms.

Download the “Straightforward Guide to Targeting Today’s TV Viewer.”

The guide also looks at how leaders in various industries are using cross-platform addressable to create more powerful advertising programs. A major auto brand, for example, was able to achieve $3 million in incremental revenue, a 26 percent sales lift and a 14 percent lift in website visitations via an addressable program. What’s more, it marked the first time the brand was able to apply detailed data measurement to a TV campaign.

Multichannel? Cross-platform? The Straightforward Guide to Targeting Today’s TV Viewer can help you reach the people who are watching.