Video: How Personalized Packaging Creates Memorable Experiences

Insights from famed industrial designer Karen Chekerdjian

In today’s marketing environment, a product’s packaging or label can be the differentiator that drives purchase, loyalty and engagement among consumers.

Unfortunately, many brands today are focused on creating packaging in the most cost-efficient way possible. They perceive specialized packaging as too complex or not worth the cost. But they’re missing out on ways to stand out from the competition by delivering rich, customized packaging experiences that take advantage of the latest digital printing technologies.

At the Cannes Lions this past year, HP chose to put its money where its mouth is regarding the impact of customized packaging. It engaged renowned industrial designer Karen Chekerdjian to create limited edition packaging for MCIII, Moët & Chandon’s prestige champagne cuvee, specifically for the Grand Prix winners. The geometric masterpiece covered in a metalized substrate showcase the shelf-stopping power of unconventional materials and design.

Plus each package and label was customized and the personalized bottles were delivered to the Grand Prix winners within 24 hours of their honor.

“Packaging has to tell a story. It impacts the way we live, the way we move,” Chekerdjian says in the video above detailing the program. “Technology can push collaboration further. It’s always a way to challenge myself.”