The Innovation Boom That Will Power Audio Advertising in 2021

The Innovation Boom That Will Power Audio Advertising in 2021

How to keep up with people's ever-shifting listening habits

In 2020, Americans tuned into 15 billion hours of podcast content. On average, they listened to 5.2 different types of audio content per month. And all the while, they exhibited new listening behaviors and habits. How can advertisers meet consumers where they are when they are unpredictably everywhere?

The latest volume of Pandora’s 2021 Definitive Guide to Audio, “The Innovation Boom,” explains why, how and what the audio industry is doing to meet the suddenly changing needs of today’s consumers, with a focus on the innovative solutions advertisers need to adapt to succeed.

The insights include:

  • The impact of consistency: With people listening across so many platforms and devices, it’s crucial for advertisers to deliver consistent experiences. The key lies in a consolidated audio buying platform that can reach people everywhere they are listening.
  • The need for innovative measurement: 93% of agencies and 94% of clients feel it will be important to provide data and analytics to justify every dollar spent. Going beyond baseline metrics will be the key to measurement success in 2021.
  • Say hello to say-through rates: This is the newest metric audio advertisers should pay attention to. Savvy brands like KFC are experimenting with having conversations via audio ads and already seeing strong results.

Download the report for the innovative insights you need to keep up with audio-hungry consumers in 2021.