The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Elevating ROI

The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Elevating ROI

What does it mean to drive outcomes in the new normal?

Only one in four CMOs feels confident in their ability to measure ROI, according to Nielsen research. This is not a new issue, but in today’s world with advertising and budgets under high scrutiny, there is literally no room for this type of inefficiency.

So, what’s the solution? A new ebook from Nielsen—“ROI Elevated: A Guide for Driving Global Marketing Outcomes in the New Normal”—identifies three key attributes for performance marketing success: standardization, holistic measurement and adaptability.

The ebook provides a roadmap for performance marketers looking to solve their measurement challenges. Some insights include:

  • The need for a holistic approach that examines all sales drivers. Nielsen found that brands will have an 80% increased average error rate if they only look at the impact of media spend.
  • Why a lack of scalable, standardized metrics is problematic. It means that organizations are valuing their initiatives differently. This impedes everyone’s ability to measure media accurately.
  • Nimble is the new normal. Marketers who adapt to change quickly are more successful. In past recessions, those that kept spending on advertising gained 0.5 share points compared to those who cut back.

Download the ebook to find out more about what it takes to succeed with an outcome-based approach to performance marketing. Plus, discover how forward-thinking companies in retail, automotive and financial services are driving outcomes today.