What Personalization Success Really Looks Like

Adweek Intelligence study digs deep into the challenges, tactics and technologies

How are marketers executing on personalization? What opportunities are they finding? What challenges are they facing? What technologies are they investing in?

A new Adweek Intelligence study—“The State of Marketing Personalization”—surveyed more than 200 business-to-consumer marketers to understand how organizations are approaching personalized experiences. Clearly, personalization is more important than ever, as an overwhelming 75% agreed that personalization is critical to their long-term bottom-line success.

Check out the exclusive Adweek Intelligence research, “The State of Marketing Personalization.”

Among the other key findings:

  • What’s obstructing personalization efforts? Over a third (35%) of respondents indicated that they still struggle with fragmented data. Others identified organizational challenges like a lack of ownership for personalization.
  • Having a well-defined personalization strategy can mean the difference between success and failure. Of those with a clear strategy,  63% rated themselves above the competition for delivering personalized experiences, compared to just 16% of those without a cogent strategy.
  • Personalization requires the right technology and tools. Per the survey, 56% of marketers now use a customer data platform (CDP) and another 28% plan to in the next 12-24 months.

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