What You Need to Know About the Next 5 Years of Data-Driven Media

What You Need to Know About the Next 5 Years of Data-Driven Media

The 3 innovations that will matter

The only thing constant in marketing is change. Right now, the seismic shifts in the industry are being driven by connected TV, precise targeting and impact measurement. So how can you prepare?

Education is key. And our new ebook, “Your Guide to the Next 5 Years of Data-Driven Media: 3 Innovations That Will Matter” does just that by breaking each innovation down and answering three critical questions: What’s happening now? Why does it matter? How is it being used?

The insights include:

  • Cord-cutting is here to stay in a big way, and you need to know how to navigate buys in a complex, fragmented landscape. This means working with a partner who can prove your placements are being seen by real, tuned-in eyeballs.
  • Changes in privacy, the phasing out of the third-party cookie and more put a renewed focus on understanding real intent. You need to create a roadmap to targeting strategies that are heavy on first-party data and verified audiences.
  • Measurement is now about impact, not metrics. Dig deep into pixel tracking and 1:1 impact to optimize campaign performance and eliminate waste once and for all.

Don’t let the future sneak up on you—download the ebook today.