What’s the Most Valuable Audience for TV Advertisers Today?

New study decodes the latest shifts in viewing behavior

The era of segmenting TV audiences as cord cutters or cable watchers is over. Today’s most valuable audience is made up of Total TV Watchers who pull in content from streaming, cable, satellite and, yes, even antennas.

Exclusive new research from Samsung Ads – “TV’s Biggest Moment Is Now” – identifies Total TV Watchers as the most valuable segment for advertisers. They have higher incomes (56 percent earn more than $175K), live in households with coveted Gen Zers and millennials, and spend more online and offline than average American households.

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Samsung Ad’s 2018-19 SmartTV Viewer Behavior Study also pinpoints three important trends in TV viewing and implications for advertisers:

• For the first time in history, nearly as many households watch TV via streaming platforms (68 percent of households) as through traditional means (70 percent of households)

• The “Lost 30”: 30 percent of streamers spend all of their streaming time in non-ad supported apps. But don’t lose hope: reaching them is possible.

• Smart TVs are where it’s all coming together: With more consumers loving the big screen, 85 percent of streaming is done directly through smart TV’s built-in functionality.

For all that has changed, one thing hasn’t: People love TV. Download the ebook to learn how you can reach today’s most valuable audience.