Why AI Is the Key to Optimizing Campaign Performance

When it comes to mobile video and rich media, brands are often failing to connect with consumers at the right point of the purchase funnel. The solution may be to use AI to optimize for real-world outcomes like intent or cost-per-visit instead of relying on proxy metrics like clicks.

Taking the human element out of the optimization equation can result in significant uplift. A new study from LoopMe, “Closing the Loop on Brand Advertising,” analyzes the results of more than 150 campaigns run in more than 20 countries. For example, a recent campaign that looked at how mobile could be used in lower-funnel activations—measuring purchase intent and consideration–was 19 times more effective when optimized using AI than when traditional methods were used.

Read the complete report, “Closing the Loop on Brand Advertising.”

The report looks at multiple industry segments and how using AI to optimize for outcomes works. When AI was applied to entertainment brand campaigns, an uplift of 48 percent was recorded, compared to a rate of 9 percent for traditional optimization methods. The figure is larger for CPG brands, where the uplift rate was 13 times higher—46.5 percent for AI optimization compared to 4.4 percent for traditional methods.

The end result? Fewer wasted impressions and more efficient use of campaign dollars. Download the report to learn more about how AI can drive real-world outcomes.