People on Twitter Have Mixed Emotions About Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

Series centers around bullying and a teen's suicide

13 Reasons Why focuses on the events leading to a girl's suicide. Beth Dubber/Netflix
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13 Reasons Why, one of Netflix’s latest original series, is a teen drama for a new generation.

Focusing on a teenage girl’s suicide and the circumstances that led to her decision, 13 Reasons Why is comprised of 13 hour-long episodes, and some fans are already asking for a second season.

The first season debuted on March 31, and fans immediately took to social media to discuss it or wait for their friends to catch up. 13 Reasons Why was the most-tweeted about series on Netflix during its first week of streaming, with 3.5 million people discussing Hannah Baker’s life (and death) on the platform. Since the show centers around a main character in high school, most fans are also in that world. Selena Gomez is one of the executive producers of the project, and she has spoken out publicly about her own mental health issues in the past.

The series deals with sensitive topics like drugs, sexual assault and rape, and many fans are saying it’s an important show for young people to see. Bullying, both on and off social media, is rarely reported by students but can often be stopped if someone steps in.

Not everyone who watched 13 Reasons Why feels that it treats mental health and suicide in the best way possible.

Here’s how some fans of the show have reacted online so far:

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