The 50 Most Read TV Stories on in 2016

Our most popular posts from the worlds of broadcast, cable and streaming

As we wind down for the holidays, we're looking back at the stories that were most popular among readers over the course of the year. Today, we look at stories from our TV channel.

50. Millennials Couldn't Resist Streaming These 10 TV Shows

49. Didn't Catch NYC's Gilmore Girls Coffee Shop Pop-up? Here's What You Missed

48. 10 Iconic Presidential Campaign Ads That Changed Political Advertising

47. Why Christopher Meloni's Twitter Feed Is Full of Beard Selfies

46. The 10 Most Disappointing TV Shows of 2016

45. Q&A: Director of The Jinx Says 'Making a Murderer' Left Him With a Terrible Feeling

44. Amazon Inserts Its Own 'Man of the Year' Issue in Time to Promote Man in the High Castle

43. Ryan Reynolds Parodies Himself as Deadpool in the Film's 'Honest Trailer'

42. AT&T Unveils Pricing and Channel Lineups for Its DirecTV Now Streaming Bundle

41. NBCUniversal Will Start Selling TV Advertising Programmatically This Fall

40. Here's What to Expect From Stephen Colbert's and Trevor Noah's Live Election Night Shows

39. Making a Murderer Creators Blast News Accounts, Prep a Potential Followup

38. Netflix Brings Gilmore Girls to Life With Luke's Diner Pop-Ups

37. The Return of 'Stephen Colbert' and Jon Stewart Gives Late Show a Ratings Boost

36. Disney Renames ABC Family and Hopes 'Freeform' Will Better Reflect Its Edgier Content

35. Why FX's Bizarre New Clown Comedy 'Baskets' Is Obsessed With Costco and Arby's

34. Seth Meyers' Italian Greyhound Is One Adorable Backseat Driver in New Chrysler Ad

33. CBS Is Ready to Cash In on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke

32. NBC and American Express Will Replace 30 Minutes of Commercials With Sponsored Content

31. What Stephen Colbert Has in Store for Tonight's Late Show Post-Debate Live Episode

30. Viceland Is Shaking Up TV Advertising by Running More Native Ads That Look Editorial

29. How Nielsen Is Shedding Old Perceptions, and Building New Businesses

28. Here Are the 12 TV Shows You Don't Want to Miss This Summer

27. More Than a Spokeswoman: How Kerry Washington Is Forging True Partnerships With Brands

26. How It Feels to Go Viral, Then Watch Your Content Get Stolen All Over the Internet

25. Stephen Colbert Calls His Live Election Night Show 'The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done'

24. How Chris Rock Turned Girl Scout Cookies Into the Oscars' Biggest Brand Winner

23. Jon Stewart Takes Down Roger Ailes and Donald Trump in His First Daily Show-Style Rant in 11 Months

22. Donald Trump Turned Stephen Colbert's Showtime Election Comedy Special Into a Wake

21. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Will Feature Snapchat's First Live TV Activations

20. CBS Partners With McDonald's and Coca-Cola for First Carpool Karaoke Integration

19. FXX Promotes Simpsons 600 Marathon With Thanksgiving Imagery and Snapchat Filters

18. How Millennials Consume TV Depends on Which Stage of Life They're In

17. Kimmy Schmidt Is Blissfully Ignorant of Internet Acronyms in Netflix's Season 2 Ads

16. How NBC Got 10 Million People to Watch This Is Us Without Spoiling Its Big Twist

15. Here's Why NBC Believes Viewers Are So Frustrated With Olympics Ads

14. How Marvel Juggles the Development of 6 Intertwined Netflix Superhero Shows

13. James Corden and Cindy Crawford Hilariously Recreated Her 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

12. U.S. Adults Consume an Entire Hour More of Media Per Day Than They Did Just Last Year

11. Here's How Viceland Plans to Lure Millennials Back to TV

10. Guide to Broadcast TV's Renewals and Cancellations

9. NBC Says Netflix Doesn't Yet Pose a 'Consistent' Threat to Broadcasters. Here's Why

8. Meet 4 Influential Women in Marketing and Media Who Are Creating a Culture of Change

7. Here's How The CW Is Forging Its Own Digital Path, Without Hulu

6. Anthony Bourdain on Food Porn, YouTube Stars and His Intolerance of Gluten-Free Diets

5. King of the Hill's Hank Returns to Promote UFC 200 in New Adult Swim Branded Spot

4. Why CMT Picked Up Nashville From ABC, and When the Show Could Debut

3. Why a Reporter Who Covered the Avery Case Is Launching a 'Making a Murderer' Rebuttal Podcast

2. Larry Wilmore's Ratings Are 55% Lower Than The Colbert Report, and This Clip May Prove Why

1. FX and Sports Illustrated Feature 'The Girls of Archer,' Swimsuit Issue-Style

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