Ad Buyers Now Have Access to Viewing Data Up to One Day After a Show Is Recorded

Nielsen is now offering live-plus-1 data

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Third-party processors are now privy to the shows you watch after you record them.

In addition to capturing information from households and people who watch live programming, Nielsen’s live-plus-1 data captures viewing up to one full day after a show is recorded at the local level.

“It’s kind of an evolution, evolving to keep up with how people view content,” said Steve Lanzano, president and CEO for the Television Bureau of Advertising.

The information is then made available to ad buyers and sellers and was first released to them last week.

“Our goal and mission is to provide the currency metrics that buyers and sellers seek,” said Jeff Wender, managing director for Nielsen Local. “We just look forward to working closely with broadcasters and advertisers on what they believe is the best possible currency.”

About a year ago, the 4A’s and the Television Bureau of Advertising proposed changing the data streams Nielsen provided to better reflect daily TV consumption, Lanzano said.

“It’s one thing to have the ability to report and have the data, it requires a different level of sophistication to take that information and make it available and enabling it so agencies and broadcasters agree that is something they want to have as a transactional currency,” Wender said.

Nielsen has recently expanded its view into local viewership. In May, the company announced it would include YouTube TV viewership at designated market levels in its Local TV audience measurement.

“The bottom line is that we want the best representation of the local audience now, that matches up to commercial ratings nationally,” Lanzano said.

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