Adam Ruins Everything Is About to Tackle an Already Ruinous Election

truTV will air the special 2 weeks before Election Day

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Adam Ruins Everything is the "vegetables with the candy" of television according to truTV president Chris Linn.

"People are looking for a little more substance with their entertainment," said Linn. "With so many options for content, it's great to get a little something useful along with some laughs."

Adam Ruins Everything started as a web series on CollegeHumor back in 2014 (where each video scored millions of views on YouTube) before making the leap to truTV. Just a year after its debut, it's the network's second most-watched show averaging 846,000 TV viewers each week. 

"We're focused on developing shows that are creator-driven and based on talent with an interesting point-of-view," said Linn. "Adam is an outstanding example of this. He had already crafted his format and had something really relevant to say to our audience."

"I've always been an information sponge my whole life," said Adam Conover, host and creator of the series. "When I started putting that information in my stand-up act, I noticed that audiences really responded to it a lot more." 

The election special, which airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on truTV, is simply an expansion of what Conover can do with a live crowd. The special, which the team performed live in 15 cities before taping it for television, will ruin the election for you in the best way possible.

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"'Ruining' something is educating yourself about it," said Linn. "You have to watch this before you vote. You think it's the craziest election we've ever had, but is that really the case?"

"This election is upsetting people so much and bothering people," said Conover. "But we have such a short historical memory and so little historical context that we discuss these things with."

"If you think this is really crazy," said Conover, "it turns out this happened in the past." 

By reminding people of this country's ridiculously crazy political history, Conover finds he can bring them a bit of relief. The fact that similar issues or mannerisms have played out before, and the country has survived them, is a bit of a balm. Check out the video above to see Conover quickly ruin whether the election is actually as rigged as people say it is.

"It isn't the apocalypse," said Conover. "This election is unique in a lot of ways, but there have been equally unique elections in the past, and the earth kept turning."

"People are bombarded with so many perspectives on this election, and Adam has become a trusted source on so many subjects that it made sense to bring him along and create this special," said Linn. One thing Adam hasn't ruined: truTV. The series is a top 10 show among all ad-supported cable networks in its time slot in the two younger demos: adults 18-49 and 18-34. 

"The show really did have resonance with people everywhere across the country," Conover said. "Just by getting a little bit of context gives people a little bit of relief."

Below, check out why Conover ruins things and what exactly he likes to ruin.

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