A+E Networks Now Lets Clients Optimize Performance-Based Guarantees During a Campaign

In-flight adjustments should help marketers maximize their ROI

Some buyers of A+E Networks shows like Lifetime's You can transact using the company's new performance-based guarantees. Lifetime
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It’s been five months since A+E Networks decided to offer performance-based guarantees for some of its upfront inventory this year. Now the company is sweetening the deal by allowing clients to optimize their campaign while it is still in progress, instead of having to wait until the conclusion to determine their ROI.

A+E Networks can now show advertisers how their campaign is performing while it’s still running, so they can make in-flight adjustments, said Peter Olsen, evp of ad sales.

“Understanding how media investments contribute to business outcomes isn’t just nice to have, it is fundamental,” said Olsen in a statement. “We are thrilled to be offering marketers these new in-campaign capabilities as we collaboratively work together to maximize ROI.”

Olsen said the performance-based guarantees around metrics that prove TV’s ability to drive behavior, which A+E made available to a “handful” of clients in this year’s upfront, are an industry first.

A+E has made five performance-based guarantee deals so far, with more to come.

The company had spent the year prior to the May announcement building up its audience-based targeting platform, A+E Precision (which identifies the proper placements across the company’s portfolio), and its attribution product, A+E Performance (which will access a campaign’s effectiveness according to the client’s preferred metrics).

Initial performance-based guarantees were limited to website visits and foot traffic, which are “the two metrics we feel most confident in and have early test results on,” Olsen said in May. “We know TV and video activity drives this behavior, but there’s a roadmap to partnerships that will touch almost every category as we build this thing out.”

The company’s A+E Performance product works with the Attribution Council, an industry initiative led by Data Plus Math, to measure how advertising drives outcomes, using analytics partners including Nielsen Catalina, Millward Brown, Acxiom and iSpot.tv.

With this new in-flight capability, brands can assess and maximize their campaign’s ROI while the campaign is still on-air.

“In-campaign optimization leverages the full value of attribution, going beyond measurement to allow advertisers to realize highly effective and efficient ad efforts in near real time,” says Data Plus Math CEO John Hoctor in a statement.

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