A.J. Clemente’s ‘F***-Up’ Actually Puts Him in Good Company

Joins a long list—from Paul Shaffer to Tom Hanks—uttering the FCC no-no

Headshot of Christopher Heine

A.J. Clemente, it might seem like a dark day after getting fired from your gig at KFYR-TV in Bismark, N.D., for saying the f-word before your co-anchor could even introduce you. But a pretty strong list of broadcasting players have survived your same situation—particularly Paul Shaffer, who in 1980 became the first of many Saturday Night Live performers to utter the FCC's big no-no.

Three and a half years ago, Jenny Slate made headlines for switching out "freaking" for "f***ing" in her SNL debut. Legendary producer Lorne Michaels didn't let her go immediately—that said, she was not invited back for a second season. Only days after Slate's 2009 slip-up, Ernie Anastos, a longtime anchorman for Fox 5 New York, used the f-word on air while oddly making a reference to a chicken. A year prior, NBC New York's Sue Simmons dropped an f-bomb of her own.

Not one of their careers was ruined by the blunder. So Clemente, you can take heart in that. As well as from the outpouring of support on Twitter from some of your fellow journalists, including Dan Frommer.

And from those examples to Johnny Rotten on British TV to Tom Hanks on Good Morning America, you've actually joined quite a litany of media notables. Here is a video-clip rundown of some of the more memorable f***ing gaffes in broadcast history.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.