‘Amazing Race’ Rushes to China

Disney-ABC has partnered with Shanghai Media Group to produce a local version of The Amazing Race series in China.

Titled China Rush, the series will be shot at locations across China and air weekly to audiences starting in August 2010. The season finale will air in October, coinciding with the end of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

The show will be telecast in English with Chinese subtitles on SMG’s International Channel Shanghai network.

“China Rush will showcase the best of Chinese culture, cities, cuisine and cordiality; as participants travel far and wide across our great nation throughout the game show,” said Xu Hao, assistant president of SMG. “Working with Disney enables us to adapt a popular global program format for our audiences in China.”

Rob Gilby, senior vice president and managing director of Disney-ABC Asia Pacific, said the show is the optimal example of bringing Disney’s expertise to work with SMG’s experience and capabilities to serve the Chinese-speaking communities.

SMG’s venue is the only English television channel in Shanghai and it currently broadcasts to 4.7 million families in the city.

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