The Guardian Frames Season 3 of Bosch With Branded Content Series ‘How to Solve a Murder’

Commingling real-life and fictitious LAPD detectives

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In this age of true-crime podcasts, the following reads like the narrator-intro for the beginning of another such series:

Kari Lenander haunts Detective Tim Marcia’s dreams, saying: “Don’t forget about me. Don’t forget about me. Why did this happen to me?”

For nearly 15 years, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) investigator has poured through a labyrinth of evidence in the California teen’s brutal [1980] murder. Marcia has inched his way closer to her killer, using methods ranging from novel DNA testing to cash rewards to personal notes in hopes of drawing out clues.

“I feel like the clock’s ticking,” the 29-year veteran cop says.

This was the tip of last year’s collaboration between The Guardian and Amazon, in support of Bosch, and this month, the newspaper’s content agency Guardian Labs has shared its second such effort to herald the arrival of Season 3, today. The new branded-content series is titled “How to Solve a Murder: A Detective’s Dilemma” and focuses on three real-life LAPD cases:

  • The Samuel Little case reveals how a serial killer escaped prosecution for decades until survivors stepped forward to testify.
  • Exum Speight’s boxing career peaked in 1996 when he fought legend Wladimar Klitschko. However no one knew he lied and gotten away with murdering his ex-manager a decade earlier.
  • An elderly couple was murdered by a robber, Gregory Minor, who covered up his crime by setting fire to their home in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles.

The original version of this item incorrectly presented content from the 2016 Guardian-Amazon branded-content series as being part of this month’s April 14-17 slate. Fishbowl apologizes for the error.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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