At Its Upfront, Screenvision Makes a Case for Investing in Ads at the Movies

And promotes its '10 pack' offering, targeting blockbusters

Moviegoers are more attentive and emotionally connected to ads at the movies over TV, Screenvision says. Screenvision
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Screenvision Media reiterated the case at its upfront event for investing in ads at the movies.

Seeing an ad on the big screen captures the audience’s attention better than TV and the audience feels more connected with the advertiser’s message, they said.

The upfront event, held at the PlayStation Theater in New York, made attendees feel like they were at the movies, as popcorn was handed out at the start of the presentation, along with drinks.

Screenvision Media offers on-screen advertising, lobby promotions and integrated marketing programs to advertisers. The Screenvision Media advertising network is comprised of 15,000 screens in more than 2,300 theaters across all 50 states.

While there is a lot of, “uncertainty” in the media landscape, Christine Martino, Screenvision Media evp, national ad sales said, you’re guaranteed in this space to have, “excitement, huge reach, huge audiences that are passionate and excited to be there.”

For the second year in a row, Screenvision Media will have a “10 Pack” offering that allows sponsors to purchase air time ahead of what it believes will be the top 10 grossing films of the year.

In 2017, the box office attracted 1.2 billion moviegoers and generated $11 billion in overall revenue.

Citing the success of films such as Black Panther; Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story, Screenvision Media’s 10 Pack offering exceeded impressions by 14 percent.

“Young millennials are cord cutters and we’ve got them on the weekends in this very special environment,” said Katy Loria, Screenvision Media chief revenue officer.

Screenvision Media expects to see an even better impact for advertisers in 2019, with films such as Captain Marvel, Godzilla: King of Monsters, The Lego Movie Sequel, The Lion King, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Screenvision Media also released results from its neuroscience research that showed moviegoers watch the screen for 84 percent of an ad’s duration. The company further boasted that the emotional response to ads showed during Screenvision Media’s Front + Center preshow is 18 percent higher than to the same ads run on TV.

“We have a really great opportunity to serve a message to an audience that we know is receptive. We know they’re paying attention, we know they’re leaning in,” Loria said.

Screenvision is also continuing to add to its “Connected Cinema” solutions and targeting platform, Cintel. With new data inputs, Screenvision hopes to activate media plans with additional advanced targeting later in 2018.

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