Can You Figure Out Which Made-for-TV Holiday Movies Are Fake?

Yes, Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe is a real film

Video: Josh Rios; Editor: Nick Gardner, Breana Mallamaci

With each passing year, more and more networks are getting in on the holiday movie extravaganza because they’re mega-ad revenue generators. With more original made-for-TV movies being made each year, let’s face it: The names of these films are getting out of control. This year, Hallmark alone features new movies like A Gingerbread Romance, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas and Christmas Wrap Battle (OK—that last one is fake).

The tropes are always the same. Someone has to complete a ridiculous Christmas-related task, like choreographing an ice-skating show that tells the story of a fictional kingdom’s Founder’s Day (yes, that’s real, and it’s called Christmas at the Palace) and meets someone along the way, which always leads to love.

During the first snowfall of the season, we headed out to Bryant Park to see if holiday movie fans could pick out the fake movies from the real ones.