Comedian Natasha Leggero Talks Getting High on YouTube

Plus, the highbrow TV drama that always puts her to sleep

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Age 41

Claim to fame Comedian; co-creator and star of Another Period on Comedy Central (premieres June 23)

Base Los Angeles

Twitter @natashaleggero

What's the first information you consume in the morning?

My dogs must pee, I must pee, I need coffee, my dogs need food. After that, I meditate and then read emails. I'm not really into media first thing in the morning, so over breakfast, my boyfriend will show me whatever is the stupidest video getting traction on the Internet.

Tell us about your social media habits.

I use Twitter and Instagram. I am anti-Facebook. Seriously, why do I need to sign into Facebook to pay my water bill? And I also YouTube anything and everything I can think of. Today I was watching early James Brown interviews, pre-PCP. He was so inspiring!

Who do you follow on Twitter?

Moshe Kasher, my boyfriend-slash-fiancé, is hilarious on Twitter. He is one of my favorite comedians. My friend Gregg Turkington plays a character called Neil Hamburger who is kind of this sad comedian from the Catskills, and he's taken to retweeting every disgusting corporation. He's always retweeting people who have gotten sick from Taco Bell or Carl's Jr. [Laughs] And at the same time, he'll be retweeting, "Tell us your favorite time for fourthmeal!"

As a comedian, do you feel like there's extra pressure for you to always be "on" when you're tweeting?

I did until I realized that all anyone ever tweets about are their shows. [Laughs] But I've slowed down on Twitter lately. Five or six years ago, if something funny came into my head, I would write it in a spiral notebook and the next morning go and have coffee and really sit with the idea and try to expand it. But now, I'll just throw it out there and never revisit it. And a lot of the great comedians don't do that. So I'm trying to be a little bit more disciplined.

What's your favorite app?

5 Every Day. It tells you five fun things to do in L.A. every night. I like the Bitmoji app, too. That is extremely inane.

What podcasts do you listen to?

I love Getting Doug With High. Doug Benson is a comedian, and he has a bunch of podcasts. This one is on YouTube, and guests just get stoned and talk to him. It's crazy. I was on it, and I somehow got roped into smoking a bong for the first time—I had never smoked one just because they look so stupid—and someone turned it into a GIF, and now there's a GIF of me on the Internet coughing up smoke while trying to inhale a bong. It's like, "Oh great, now when I have children, they'll find that."

What TV shows do you watch?

The Comeback, Louie, Eastbound & Down, The Last Man on Earth, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Transparent. Basically the best comedies.

Your new series, Another Period, has been described as "Downton Abbey meets the Kardashians." Are you a fan of those shows?

Downton Abbey makes me sleepy, and the Kardashians make me sad for the world, so I'm hoping our show does the opposite!

What's the last thing you binge-watched?

All of 30 Rock. I had never really watched it all the way through. It was really inspiring for me when we were writing our show.

How do you wind down before bed?

Sex, conversation, then falling asleep to Downton.

@adweekemma Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.