Condé Nast Launches Video Network Geared Towards Women

Glamour magazine will be at the core of the new venture

Glamour will be a big part of the new video network. Glamour
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Condé Nast is launching a new women’s video network to make it easier for buyers and clients to reach that audience.

At the core of the new network, aptly named Women’s Video Network, is Glamour, a title headed up by digital-savvy editor Samantha Barry, who was appointed to the position earlier this year.

In addition to the network, the company is also launching five new video series in Q4 under Glamour and is expanding its coverage of the brand’s 2018 Women of the Year Awards and Summit in November.

“We have a lot of strength in this category and we wanted a lot more muscle and investment behind it,” Pamela Drucker Mann, chief revenue and marketing officer of Condé Nast, told Adweek.

The full network will be featured at the company’s next NewFront presentation and also includes Allure, Self and Iris.

“We are using brands, we believe, [that] are really focused on women and … have an organic relationship with women already,” Drucker Mann said.

Glamour’s videos, specifically Ducker Mann said, have seen “tremendous” growth this year, with some series garnering an average of 1 million views per episode, which Condé Nast defines as “blockbuster” series.

Among those are In 2 Minutes, videos that showcase the science behind your body, which Condé Nast claims to have 215 million lifetime views, You Sang My Song, which features fans singing celebrities’ songs as the artists watch them (94.6 million lifetime views) and Evolution, which shows how fashion has evolved over the years (80.7 million lifetime views).

“Women are a very important target and they’ve been harder to find as we move away from TV and these linear platforms,” Drucker Mann said. “We believe we’re the most innovative content company in the world and if anyone’s going to talk to women in the video space, it’d be us.”

The five new series Glamour is announcing are:

Beauty Back to the Future: a spotlight on fashion trends of previous eras

HR Expert: an expert in HR reviews workplaces from popular movies and walks through the ethics of the scenarios

Kylie Mania: a Kylie Jenner superfan dissects Jenner’s iconic looks

Money Tours: anonymous women share how they spend money in their ranging budgets

Temp Job: skills will be put to the test to see if those participating have what it takes to be in a temp job, such as a makeup tester

“These new video series are a fantastic addition to the types of powerful, influential and edgy content that our audience loves,” Barry said in a statement. “This year we had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our print redesign, while seeing incredible growth in our video and engagement metrics, proof that Glamour is continuing its evolution towards a multi-platform storytelling juggernaut for women.”

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