Female-Focused LittleThings, Now Boasting 51 Million Uniques, Is Ready for the Advertising Spotlight

The video-heavy publisher is joining the NewFronts lineup

LittleThings creates a wide range of content around crafts, parenting, food and pets. - Credit by LittleThings
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With an expanding schedule of Facebook Live series and other mom-focused content, LittleThings is now ready to show advertisers what it’s made of, as it joins the Digital Content NewFronts lineup.

Launched in 2014, Little Things aims to create meaningful content for a mostly female viewer base. Inspirational and emotionally relevant posts are keys to its success. Currently the site boasts 51 million monthly uniques, with content split primarily among five verticals: DIY, food, parenting, pets, and live video.

The company is joining the NewFronts—which lets publishers present to a large audience of potential advertisers—to show the larger marketplace what its been building, said LittleThings President and COO Gretchen Tibbits.

“Most digital media companies are catering to platforms and create three to 12 minutes of video packages,” said Tibbits. “We do that, too, but we’re making a major commitment and investment in long-form and live programming.”

In additional to 110 million click-to-play video views each month on the LittleThings website, its Facebook page currently has more than three hours of live programming every day. Its 51 million monthly unique visitors makes LittleThings the largest single URL in the lifestyle category, according to Tibbits.

Live videos from LittleThings range from a morning show, called Refresh, to a weekly vlog called Truth Bomb Mom.

“The LittleThings viewer is engaged in our content, and also loves watching shows like Ellen or Oprah,” said Tibbits. “We’re committed to our audience, and as we expanded to long-form programming, it was a natural fit for them.”

“We can be compared to daytime talk shows, the fourth hour of the Today Show, Food Network, and HGTV,” she said. “We provide a range of videos, which is really fun.”

Currently, live videos from LittleThings on average see between 100k-200k views on Facebook without any extra promotion or marketing beyond a notification to fans of their pages.

The LittleThings NewFronts presentation will take place on May 12 at noon ET. For more information on the NewFronts lineup, visit the IAB’s website.

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