Harry Hawks to Retire From Hearst TV

Harry Hawks, Hearst Television’s executive vp and chief financial officer, will retire in May after a distinguished 18-year career with the TV group, Hearst Television announced Monday (April 5).

Hawks’ track record with Hearst Television began in 1992 when he joined with Bob Marbut in the founding of Argyle Television. He helped guide the company through a number of acquisitions and divestitures culminating in 1997, when Hearst Broadcasting’s assets were merged with Argyle’s giving Hearst a controlling interest in Hearst-Argyle Television. The group continued to build its portfolio, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Hearst Corp. last year.

Today, Hearst Television is the largest ABC affiliate group and the second largest NBC affiliate group, with a strong reputation in local news.

“Harry’s leadership and hard work has contributed enormously to the many achievements of our company over the past 13 years. His disciplined financial stewardship has been a valuable asset, helping us to expand and grow the company in our early years, and effectively manage through more difficult times in recent years. Today our company is on solid footing, operating as a unit of the privately-held Hearst Corporation, well positioned to lead in the next generation of television and digital media,” said David Barrett, president and CEO of Hearst Television.