USA Today Writer Decides Not to Mention Jokes About USA Today

Hasan Minhaj zinged the paper at White House Correspondents' Dinner

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USA Today Life writer Erin Jensen has an extensive summary today of Hasan Minhaj’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner jokes. With one noticeable omission. When she gets to the media portion of The Daily Show jokester’s skewering, she mentions his shots at CNN, Fox News, C-Span and MSNBC. But not… USA Today.

Here is what Minhaj said early on during his monologue:

“It is amazing to be surrounded by some of the greatest journalists in the world. And yet, when we all checked in to the Hilton on Friday, we all got a USA Today.”

“Every time a USA Today slides underneath my door, it’s like they’re saying, ‘Hey, you’re not that smart, right?’ USA Today is what happens when the coupon section takes over the newspaper. ‘Is this an article about global warming or 50 cents off Tide? Either way, the pictures are so pretty!'”

It had to be a little rough for Jensen and any other USA Today colleagues sitting in the Hilton ballroom Saturday, as that portion of Minhaj’s remarks hit. A former executive editor, David Colton, tweeted ‘Hasan Minhaj obviously hasn’t read USA TODAY lately. #grr’

He’s right. While the odd edition slipped under a hotel room door can be easy to print-typecast, the paper has done a lot of solid investigative work lately. See links below.

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