Here Are the Top Reality TV Shows in Every State

Should the Real Housewives of Baton Rouge be next?

This year, Bravo extended its Real Housewives franchise to Dallas and Potomac, Md., and according to Google Trends data it may know where to take the show's 10th installment: New Orleans or maybe even Baton Rouge.

This is just one of many bits of data that found after analyzing Google Trends data to figure out a state-by-state look at the top reality TV shows.



Some of these trends make sense: California loves the Kardashians; a swath of the south loves the Robertson clan; Nevada bets big on the Las Vegas-set Pawn Stars; and Washington power players can't get enough of The Apprentice. Residents in North Carolina and Missouri; however, will need to find a new show as American Idol crowned its final winner in April.

Cable TV went even further into the data and compared it with the states' rating on the Gallup well-being index (Here's an explanation of how the ratings are compiled).

You can check out the full data here, but some highlights:

  • The well-educated love Project Runway while those without degrees generally prefer Duck Dynasty.
  • Republicans are big fans of Sister Wives while Democrats choose Project Runway.
  • Parents binged on Biggest Loser after bedtime, while those without kids spent their time watching Dance Moms.
  • Church goers tended to also love the devoutly-religious Duck Dynasty, while those who skipped church on Sundays made time for Survivor.

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