Here’s the Trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, a Dark and Worthy Successor to Daredevil

Netflix superhero series lands Nov. 20

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The Netflix-Marvel collaboration Daredevil wasn't just a gritty experiment in bringing superheroes to streaming. It was meant to usher in a wave of such shows—assuming fans liked what they saw.

The show was indeed a hit, and now the media giants are moving on to the next phase of their partnership: Jessica Jones, a similarly dark series featuring a private investigator (Breaking Bad's Krysten Ritter) with superhuman strength.

Although the character made her Marvel Comics debut in 2001, she's a relative newcomer compared to the sort of decades-old icons you're used to seeing on TV and in movies. But what she lacks in name recognition she'll likely make up for in modern relevance and sensibility. (Even Daredevil, despite its realistic-minded reboot, showed its age in spots such as its laughably dated depiction of New York's Hell's Kitchen.)

The show also introduces Jones' love interest, fellow Marvel superhero Luke Cage, who is slated to get his own Netflix show. Also in line for a similar treatment is Marvel martial artist Iron Fist, and Netflix's four superpowered stars will then team up as the Defenders.

While many viewers were surprised by Daredevil's excessive violence and gore, the trailer for Jessica Jones warns us all nice and early that this is going to be one incredibly dark show. Check it out below, and watch for the series to hit Netflix in full on Nov. 20.

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