Jimmy Kimmel Tells New Yorkers Trump Will Overhaul Lincoln Center With Mediocre Brands

‘Trump, don't put Hooters in Lincoln Center,’ pleads one victim of the host’s latest prank

"I feel like I can hear Western civilization crumbling as we speak," said one man after being shown the fake plans. - Credit by ABC
Headshot of Jason Lynch

As part of his show’s weeklong visit to Brooklyn, Jimmy Kimmel decided to play a prank on New Yorkers—by telling them that President Trump had purchased Lincoln Center and would be soon be packing the storied performing arts complex with mediocre brands like Sbarro and Hooters.

In the segment, which aired during last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host revealed that he had sent a team to Lincoln Center to tell passersby that Trump had purchased the complex. As a result of the ownership change, he would be changing the name to Trump Center and installing a food court packed with chains like Subway, Sbarro, Panda Express, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and Hooters.

Kimmel’s staffers even had fake architectural plans to show off the new, Trump-ified look of Lincoln Center—sorry, Trump Center. “Oh my God, no! … That is disgusting,” said one horrified New Yorker.

“I feel like I can hear Western civilization crumbling as we speak,” said one man after he was shown a billboard on the plans announcing that Mountain Dew Code Red will be sponsoring the New York Philharmonic.

Another pleaded, “Trump, don’t put Hooters in Lincoln Center.”

Kimmel was inspired after a condo on New York’s Upper West Side voted to have Trump’s name removed from its building, and he wondered what would happen if Trump was added to one of that neighborhood’s most famous buildings.

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