Latino Video Marketing Company NGL Studios Joins the NewFronts With a Focus on Multicultural Identities

'We're platform and language agnostic'

NGL Studios connects millennial multicultural audiences with branded content. - Credit by NGL Media
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According to David Chitel, the CEO and founder of NGL Studios, 43 percent of millennials come from a multicultural background. To that end, Latino video marketing company NGL Studios is entering this year’s NewFronts presentations to show advertisers the different ways their branded content can connect with that generation.

“This audience is a critically important sector of the population and is often overlooked,” said Chitel. “We’ve created award-winning work for our advertising partners over the last five years, and now it’s time to really shine a light on what we can do.”

NGL Studios, part of NGL Media which was co-founded by actor John Leguizamo, creates “culturally relevant branded content for millennial and multicultural audiences,” said Chitel. NGL Media has also created it’s own distribution system, built on a proprietary tech stack, so it can distribute its original content across platforms.

Currently, NGL Media sees between 30 and 50 million U.S. and Hispanic endemic video impressions each month.

“We’re platform and language agnostic,” said Chitel. “We use language as a tactic to communicate with the market, as opposed to using it as a strategy.”

The marketing solutions company is presenting more than its previous work to advertising partners this year. Announcements surrounding comedy productions, with a focus on Leguizamo himself, and other B2B solutions are to be expected from the presentation.

NGL Studios will present on Friday, May 12 at 9 a.m. directly from the IAB’s headquarters. For more information on the NewFronts, please refer to the IAB’s website.

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