Why Music Video Hosting Service Vevo Is Joining Mediaocean’s Spectra Platform

The inventory is expected to go live on Aug. 1

Spectra users will be able to access Vevo’s inventory among desktop, mobile, tablet and TV. Getty Images, Mediaocean, Vevo

Some of the biggest celebrities in the world resonate just as much in the Midwest as they do in the big cities. In order to be a “clearcut, go-to buy,” for local brands and advertisers, music video and entertainment platform Vevo is moving its inventory to Mediaocean’s Spectra platform.

“As is part of our mantra, we want to make partnering and buying Vevo easier on the buying community. We know this is where they operate,” said Jesse Judelman, Vevo’s svp of national sales.

Mediaocean, a media software company, serves more than 80,000 users, including agencies, advertisers and media sellers throughout the world. The Spectra platform provides users with tools that enable them to research, buy and manage intelligence across all types of media.

“Mediaocean is committed to driving convergence between demand and supply—and this integration with Vevo helps us further that mission,” Ramsey McGrory, CRO, Mediaocean, said in a statement. “We’re excited to partner with Vevo to further automation, auditability and actionable integrations for faster execution of direct sold IOs and audience-based campaigns between agencies and sellers.”

Meanwhile, Vevo boasts having a catalog of more than 300,000 videos. By joining Spectra, users of the platform will be able to access Vevo’s local and network inventory among desktop, mobile, tablet and TV.

“We are continuously focused and passionate about uncovering and showcasing the incredible value of this content. We think about it all day and all night,” Judelman said.

Vevo’s inventory is expected to go live on Spectra Aug. 1.

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