Satellite TV Firms Launch Ad Platform

Satellite TV rivals DirecTV and Dish Network are putting their heads together to launch a new interactive ad platform that will reach some 30 million homes.

The Advanced Satellite Advertising Platform, or ASAP, will carry long-form advertorial content (i.e., infomercials) on a dedicated channel. Requests for information and other interactive elements will be seeded within the commercial content, offering a more engaging viewer experience.

Viewers will be able to click a button on their DirecTV/Dish Network remote controls in order to enter a sweepstakes or request a product sample, brochure or coupon.

ASAP will assume the Channel 115 position on the DirecTV menu and is available on Dish Network’s Channel 99. The ad platform will be monitored by third-party research services; upon completion of a campaign, clients who buy time on ASAP will receive in-depth metrics and usage data.

“Separately, our satellite companies already bring advanced media functionality to every DMA in the country,” said Michael Finn, vp of advertising sales for Dish Network. “Together, we bring the scale, ease of use and analytics that we believe will power interactive TV into the mainstream among clients.”

Bob Riordan, svp of advertising sales for DirecTV, added that the joint effort “will bring the marketplace unmatched expertise and an unrivaled nationally scaled experience.”
The announcement comes just two weeks after DirecTV dropped a lawsuit against its DBS rival, in which it accused Dish Network of running a national campaign that made false claims about its monthly rates.