Screenvision to Use TV Ad Model in Movie Theaters

Company looks to woo buyers with demo guarantees at first upfront

When TV viewing is at its lowest—such as during the summer and on weekends—people are at the movies. This puts cinema advertising company Screenvision in a unique position to woo TV ad buyers at the company's first upfront on Wednesday.

Screenvision execs will announce at the presentation/party the company's plan to adopt the TV model of advertising, borrowing the concept of audience demographic guarantees, The New York Times reported.

Screenvision's chief revenue officer Jim Tricarico said in a statement that the company's new model "revolutionizes" cinema advertising by employing TV industry methods like "demo guarantees, seasonal pricing, show-parting and creative flexibility.”

Screenvision is the nation's second-largest cinema advertising company—second to National CineMedia—with 14,300 screens in more than 2,300 theaters. For advertisers and agencies, it can guarantee numbers in certain demographics, based on information gathered from Nielsen's Cinema Audience Reports.

Screenvision is offering its guarantees only to national advertisers that will commit for multiple quarters and sign deals at least two quarters in advance. It will adopt a seasonal pricing model that charges different rates for big movie-going months, and will also change its price structure to match the prime-time rates of broadcast networks and cable channels.

“The media industry is at an inflection point," Screenvision CEO Travis Reid said in a statement. "Advertisers are aggressively seeking out audience replacements to mitigate the significant ratings decline across broadcast and cable TV.”

So far, Screenvision's pitch has attracted clients like Taco Bell and mobile music-identification service Shazam. 

Screenvision's upfront event will take place at the Ziegfeld Theater in Midtown Manhattan.

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