Study: TV Still Advertising’s King of the Hill

A new study commissioned by the Television Bureau of Advertising finds that television is the single most influential advertising platform, eclipsing newspapers, magazines, the Internet and radio as America’s most trusted form of  mass media.

According to the TVB’s 2010 Media Comparisons Study, 60.8 percent of adults 18+ said TV advertising was the most “authoritative,” outdistancing newspapers (15.4 percent), magazines (10.8 percent), radio (8.6 percent) and the Internet (4.4 percent). Not surprisingly, those numbers held steady among respondents in the core TV demo (adults 18-49).

Those surveyed also rated TV as the most influential medium, as 85.7 percent of adults 18+ said the tube had a greater impact on buying decisions than all other formats.

TV’s influence is largely a function of its reach. Per the TVB study, adults 18 and up watched 319.2 minutes, or 5.32 hours, of television a day, more than double their Internet allotment (156.6 minutes, or 2.6 hours). TV consumption also towers over radio (91.2 minutes), newspapers (26.4 minutes) and magazines (15.6 minutes).

“These results reaffirm the findings of other studies, such as the Council for Research Excellence’s Video and Consumer Mapping Study as well as Nielsen’s Three Screen Report,” said TVB senior vp of research Susan Cuccinello. “By every measure, television reaches more consumers every day” than any other medium.

Among other findings, TV advertising is the most engaging (77.2 percent). Moreover, 71.1 percent of those adults 18+ surveyed said that TV was most likely to inform them about new products or brands that they might go on to purchase.

Conducted in January 2010, the TVB study drew from a pool of 1,562 respondents––90 percent of which were over the age of 18. All interviews were conducted by Knowledge Networks.

The not-for-profit TVB is a trade association representing more than 500 local TV stations. Its members also include ad sales rep firms.


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