Super Bowl Spots Dominate List of 10 Most Engaging Ads This Week

84 Lumber leads with the highest impression rate

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As you’d expect, Super Bowl ads dominate this week’s chart of the most digitally engaging commercials, powered by real-time TV ad measurement company

This is by far the most socially active time of year for TV advertisers. All told, Super Bowl LI ads generated 1.45 billion paid and earned views across Facebook and YouTube. The social impressions total (an estimate based on the reach of those who posted or shared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) came to a whopping 5.4 billion.

The ads were really big on TV too, of course. This week there were 11 billion TV ad impressions for Super Bowl ads. And as you know from Adweek’s Big Game coverage, the creative theme that resonated most had a political/cultural angle. Here’s s a way to quantify that:

Altogether, the nine advertisers that aired social-issue-related ads accounted for 7.52% of TV ad impressions — i.e., actual screen time — but generated almost a third (31.35%) of digital engagement around Super Bowl ads.

And while 84 Lumber had the highest impression rate during the game due to people rewinding and rewatching the ad, it was Netflix’s “Stranger Things” promo and T-Mobile’s investment in the Bieber, Gronk, Owens, Snoop and Martha team paid off by having social reach baked in.

Below, the top ten for the week ranked by digital engagement.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. 84 Lumber Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘The Journey Begins’

8.29%% Digital SOV  13,436,906 Online Views  502,484 Social Actions

2. Netflix Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘Stranger Things Season Two: 1984’

8.22% Digital SOV  8,807,078 Online Views  607,975 Social Actions

3. Mr. Clean Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘Cleaner of Your Dreams’

5.98% Digital SOV  6,807,516 Online Views  426,919 Social Actions

4. Budweiser Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘Born the Hard Way’

5.60% Digital SOV  13,825,356 Online Views  221,151 Social Actions

5. Hyundai Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘A Better Super Bow’

5.21% Digital SOV  17,114,365 Online Views  105,787 Social Actions

6. Audi S5 Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘Daughter’

5.04% Digital SOV  10,491,483 Online Views  105,787 Social Actions

7. Kia Niro Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘Hero’s Journey’ Feat. Melissa McCarthy

3.86% Digital SOV  10,417,228 Online Views  133,209 Social Actions

8. Airbnb Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘We Accept’

2.55% Digital SOV  3,426,448 Online Views  172,123 Social Actions

9. T-Mobile Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘#UnlimitedMoves’ Feat. Justin Bieber

2.49% Digital SOV  4,504,000 Online Views  139,530 Social Actions

10. Buick Super Bowl 2017 TV Spot, ‘Not So Pee Wee Football’ Feat. Cam Newton

2.44% Digital SOV  3,940,027 Online Views  147,540 Social Actions

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@ChrisAriens Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.