Synovate Studies China

Global market research firm Synovate, a unit of London-based Aegis Group, has launched Media Atlas China, a new syndicated study of 68,000 consumers spanning 66 cities and rural areas across the Chinese mainland.

The panel will be continuously maintained and updated quarterly. The initiative is designed to track consumer spending habits and related behavior, media exposure, lifestyles and attitudes across Chinese society.

Steve Garton, executive director of media at Synovate, said, “Chinese consumers and Chinese brands represent the new world order. The media ecosystem in China is complex and unique: marketers across the world who want to grow their business have to understand how to engage with Chinese consumers.”
The survey offers insights into the huge nation’s different economic “tiers” from major cities to less-developed rural areas.

“The scale and pace of development of the China market simply demanded that we have to keep marketers abreast of the opportunities opening up virtually on a daily basis,” said Darryl Andrew, CEO of Synovate China. “What we can now see is how much potential there is across all tiers of cities.”