TV Advertising Not Dead Yet

It seems rumors of the death of TV advertising have been greatly exaggerated. Researcher eMarketer now predicts that U.S. TV ad spending will account for over 39 percent of all major media spending by advertisers in 2015, fractionally higher than its share this year.

EMarketer forecasts that total media spending will hit $174 billion in 2015, up from $155 billion this year. Over the same period, U.S. spending on TV advertising is projected to rise from $61 billion to $68 billion.

But what of the great shift to online? Rest assured that will continue apace, with U.S. online ad spending expected to grow pretty spectacularly from $29 billion this year to $46 billion in 2015. That will deliver a whopping 26 percent share of all spending that year. When you consider that the 5 percent mark was only passed in 2005, that’s an impressive gain.

There’s no good news for print, though; newspapers and magazines will continue to see their shares fall, per eMarketer. These sectors accounted for 17 percent and 11 percent of ad spending, respectively, in 2009. They are projected to attract only 11 percent and 7 percent
in 2015.