Viacom and TiVo Partner to Share Data With Advertisers

Agreement will enhance Viacom's data platform

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TV advertisers crave data—and Viacom is about to give them access to a lot more of it. In a new partnership with TiVo, Viacom will be able to use TiVo data from set-top boxes in 2.3 million households to boost Viacom Vantage, its data tool which allows advertisers to target their buys based on consumer habits.

This is the first time TiVo has partnered with a network or media company to share consumer data.

Viacom's ratings have fallen in recent quarters, prompting the company to make exec changes at several of its networks this year, including MTV, VH1 and TVLand. The company hopes the TiVo data partnership will help stabilize its ad sales in the face of those declining ratings.

While many media companies have unveiled data tools in the last year, buyers told Adweek this summer that Viacom Vantage is one of their three favorite platforms (along with NBCUniversal's Audience Targeting Platform and Turner's Data Cloud). The addition of TiVo data should only bolster its standing.

"The combination of Viacom's advanced predictive engine and TiVo's anonymized, granular set-top box data, matched directly to purchase and consumer engagement data in a privacy protected manner, allows advertisers to see much more than if their campaign was viewed," said Frank Foster, svp and gm of TiVo Research, in a statement. "This partnership will not only enable advertisers to see how effectively a campaign reached the target audience, but it will shed light on whether the campaign enticed consumers to take action."

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